Satisfyer Men Extra Sleeve

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Replacement sleeve for the Satisfyer Men Masturbator.

You can get different sleeves that all have their advantages and stimulate differently. Beneath you can read about the different sleeves.


Allow the wild and curvy funnel of the pressure spiral sleeve to fill you with formless bliss. The subtle spirals and crescendo of caresses entwine your penis. This, combined with directional resistance allows you to reach gale-force orgasm time and again.


Ride a tide of pleasure with the Kinky Waves sleeve. Enjoy completely different nuances of sensation in its blissfully erotic enclosure, alternated with unique sucking action.


The chambers of pleasure sleeve features flexible walls that sensually caress the shaft of the penis while enticing the sensitive tissues within to dive deeper. As you travel through the density within the chambers walls, a unique suction-pull is activated which cummons your shaft into firmer intensity and sustained arousal.

Choose your pleasure, or maybe even them all.


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