Mystim Sultry Sub Wireless E-stim Reciever


SKU: 592854


Mystim Sultry Sub is a real team player for your wireless e-stim set.

The rechargeable Sultry Sub is an electrosex receiver with an included remote control. An unlimited number of Sultry Subs can be connected to the electric stimulation device Cluster Buster. They then send electric impulses to one, two or three Mystim toys or even to an unlimited number. Of course, the Sultry Sub is also compatible with the masturbators Opus E Donut, E Anus and E Vagina.

Important: Every Estim toy needs its own Sultry Sub to be connected to the Cluster Buster. You should also use Sultry Subs with different channel numbers (1-8) so that you are able to choose between different programmes. This Sultry Sub is controlled via channel 2. Do not use electric stimulation if you need a heart pacemaker or suffer from heart arrhythmia!

Includes 1 electrode cable, 1 bi-polar electrode (self-adhesive) and 1 USB cable.


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