Anal Douche Rear Splash



Anal Douche Rear Splash – A back passage that’s spick and span!

People want a clean back passage, especial before anal sex with a partner. That’s where anal douche Rear Splash comes in and can be integrated into foreplay.

Just screw on the intimate douche (with screw thread) to your shower hose and enjoy. The cone shaped plug slides in really easily thanks to its black, velvety soft, silicone surface. The water shoots out of the 5 holes (one at the tip of the plug) and you will enjoy pure pleasure as it is cleaning your intimate area!

  • Complete length 16 cm.
  • Plug length 12.5 cm, plug Ø 3.5 cm, screw thread Ø 2 cm.
  • Material: silicone with a polyurethane coating, metal.


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